Sunday, June 16, 2013

Slow Stitching on Fathers Day.....

We had a nice day at home as a family today. Dad got to sleep in until almost 8AM (that is very late with two little kids in the house), of course I'm sure he kept hearing the 'can we wake up Daddy yet, it's light outside' every 5 minutes or so from 6:30 AM on!
My FIL was able to come over late morning and got to see the video of Aidan's graduation from pre-school and then we had a BBQ for lunch. While the kids napped (one napped and one had quiet time) I got to sew on my sewing machine and now have matchstick pairs all set for my Bricks and Cornerstone quilt. The pattern is found here over at I think it will get a black or cream small border around and then a blue/black mottled bigger border to finish it off.

I hope to get this one into rows later tonight after some time in the pool with the kids.
Once they are in bed, I get to do some slow stitching on my fireworks wall hanging. I finally started it this week and so far so good. I've got it in a hoop but am still resisting using a thimble.

Head on over to Kathy Quilts and see what other hand work is being worked on today.


  1. Sounds like you had a perfect Father's Day. Bricks and Cornerstones is coming together SO quickly.

  2. I like your colorful Bricks and Cornerstones!

  3. Wonderful Father's Day for you. An added bonus to get some in some time sewing. Hoping you get to use your thimble this evening. ;-)

  4. I love Bonnie's site and that pattern in particular. I like to keep my piecing easy since it is not my strong point. This looks like it could fit the bill.

  5. Can't believe how small your hand stitches are. I can only wish!! I can't get used to a thimble either. You can tell from the callous on the end of my finger!

  6. Bricks and Cornerstones looks great! I hope you were able to get in some hand quilting last night.

  7. Isn't that quilt pattern such a great stashbuster?!? Love it!
    So happy to see you are making progress on your hand quilting! It took me a while to find a thimble I like, and I still keep buying every new kind I see just in case I like it more :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  8. Sounds like you've had a busy and productive weekend. I also love nap time!


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