Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grandmothers Choice - Art Square

This weeks block over at the Grandmothers Choice BOW is called Art Square: Women in a box.. It is amazing that not too long ago women were not mentioned in art history of any kind, and yet I see some amazing quilt artists around in blog land every day. I know they have been out there for centuries and yet there never is a mention of them in history. Very sad.
This block was a very easy one to make up this morning while the kids are 'finding' things in the play room as they dig through the bins for something to do on a rainy and dreary day.

Yesterday afternoon as the rain was pouring down and his sister was napping, Aidan designed this little rail way system all by himself without having to have anyone in there with him (major change as he always wants someone with him.) His request was for more of the male/female connectors since you usually only get one with a set. I found some online and they should be here tomorrow for future building projects this summer. Excuse the mess - this is the garage area that was finished off into an office before we purchased it. It is the kids play room, which they are finally starting to play in!


Ray and Jeanne said...

Nice railroad track! I loved it when my kids finally got old enough to start entertaining themselves for a bit. Two grandsons spent the day with us yesterday and both spent a small part of the day doing their own thing! ~Jeanne

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Looks like you and Aiden were very busy. ;-)

My 11 y.o. and 9 y.o. still ask for me to play with them (Legos, etc.) when they visit. Not necessarily a bad thing in my little world. ;-)

Ellen said...

He did a great job with his tracks and even better with the independence.