Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - 125 - Betty's Choice

This week I selected an easy one. Eight paper pieced sections in two colors. This one went together very quickly on Friday while I had a sewing Mojo going on. I've pulled some applique and hand piecing ones from the bunch. I just need to prep them and get them into their baggies to take with me next week.
Swim lessons again this week and I really need to clean up the house, prep a package of clothes for vacation and ship it up to VT so we don't have to wait in the check baggage line at 5AM with 2 kids that I am sure will be cranky from not sleeping Monday night in a hotel. I'd love to also pin and quilt a quilt or two. I'm throwing in a trip to SeaWorld on Friday with a friend and her two girls... just cause I am crazy! Oh - I also get to do my month end at work next Sun/Mon and mail that to the accountant. Yup - another hectic week at my house. For now - we have 30 minutes before I need to head out to swim lessons. I think I'll go press the backing  that just came out of the dryer for the bricks and cornerstone quilt. Straight line quilting is planned for the inner part so that should go quickly once it is pinned.

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Sheila said...

Perfect block!
Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! Have a good time :D