Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rain rain go away.....

Since the weather is not listening to me I decided to pick out some nice sunny yellow to play with today.

Here are two yellow snail trail blocks along with the others from this year.

I also made my 16 patch block with the 2.5 inch squares. I think I need to make a pink one to add to this bunch.

Then I cut a few lemon peels out for hand work this month. I have a couple of blue ones to finish off first from last month.
Since the kids were going stir crazy inside, I remembered when I was younger Mom making cream puffs and then putting pudding in them. I had to call her this morning to get the name as I could not find   it looking through my Betty Crocker cookbook this morning. It is amazing what water, butter, flour and egg can make. Then add some packaged pudding and you have an instant dessert after lunch. Doesn't it look yummy? I got the leftover chocolate and vanilla from the kids.

Saturday I'll hook up with SoScrappy for the RSC challenge of yellow. Come back tomorrow for a finished reveal........


  1. I used to make cream puffs a lot ... I'm still amazed at the deliciousness of those seemingly humdrum ingredients when they're combined into cream puffs. I need to make cream puffs the next time the Ts are here.

    I love those snail trail blocks ... I never used to care for them that much, but seeing yours has made me add a snail trail quilt to my "to-do" list. ;-)

  2. Everything looks so yummy!

  3. Such a dreary rainy day today! My girls were baking as well -- seems like the perfect way to pass away the day. Your cream-puff look delicious -- so nice of your kids to share.

  4. LOVE your rainbow blocks, Deb. They look great together.
    Oh my. Yummy cream puff :D

  5. Your rainbow snails are really coming together. I also love patch blocks and yours are great. I baked yesterday too. I am making cut out cookies that was mixed yesterday and will be baked today. I haven't had these cookies for 9 nine years, I really hope they turn out.

  6. Ditto what Ellen said...everything looks so yummy!

    I've turned into a cream puff so it's walking for me and cream puffs for the young 'uns! (I remember them well!! - I LOVE to bake as much as I love to quilt and garden)