Sunday, August 18, 2013

Slow stitch Sunday......

After a wonderful day in the sewing room Saturday I finally got a UFO marked as done....... well, almost done. The binding will start being stitched down this evening after working and then having a 70th birthday dinner for my MIL this evening.
I tried to do some FMQ but the machine was not in the mood. Life is all about going with the flow so I switched to a walking foot and stitched in the ditch a bit, searched until I found some more of the batik fabrics in the quilt and made the binding and then attached it. A successful day in the sewing room = some nice hand work this evening. This is the free pineapple pattern over at I've been calling it the butterfly pineapple quilt since the batik fabrics have butterfly's on it. I had to carry on the theme when I saw this purple butterfly print at Joann's for the backing. This one is not spoken for but if my SIL is ok with a 68x68 sized quilt to snuggle under it may just be shipped up to her in the near future.

Head on over to Kathy's Quilts and see what other hand work is being slow stitched today. As for me, I'll be relaxing this evening and counting down the hours until I get to drop both kiddo's off to school for the first day tomorrow. One is nervous (starting Kindergarten) and the other is excited (starting 3 hour VPK with the same teacher her brother had). I'm sure we'll settle into a routine in the next week or two and I'll get used to a couple of hours of quiet in the morning while they are both in school.


  1. Such a happy quilt - I love seeing it (almost!) finished! Hope it finds an appreciative snuggler.

    May your coming mornings be full of wonderful quilting time! I used to get so much quilting accomplished when my kids were in school.

  2. That quilt is as gorgeous as I thought it would be!! Oooh, think of all that you can get done with those few hours of free time in the mornings. I can't wait to see what all you'll get done.

  3. Love the fabric on this quilt. I have lost track of how many times I have used that pattern. Enjoy your binding time.

  4. ALWAYS a favorite pattern! Your color combinations are beautiful, and the backing is AWESOME! Connecting Threads, if I recognize it correctly? I think I have some downstairs too. SO BRIGHT :)

    Everyone is talking school lately... Sept 4 for us in Wisconsin (a week earlier for us teachers).

    Enjoy your week of finding a routine.

  5. what a beautiful (almost) finish~!
    if your SIL isn't interested my hand is up. :-D

    enjoy your newly found free time.


  6. I hope you enjoyed some wonderful relaxing moments of stitching your binding today! Thanks for linking up!

  7. It looks great! What I wouldn't do for a few hours of quiet time each day. Maybe in a couple years. Enjoy the time and productivity. I can't believe how old they are, I remember when they were born.

  8. I love this purple quilt, front and back!