Friday, August 2, 2013

Nabby's Dowry....

It's Friday and Pam released this weeks Nabby's Dowry block here. I am still picking hst's from the pile and made this block for the week. That upper green really blends into the grass outside!

Here are all four of my blocks so far. I think the one on the bottom right is my favorite.

After a great morning at the park with a few of the kids from Aidan's PreK class, they are both in their rooms taking a snooze. The 90+ degree heat really gets to you after being out in it for 3 hours playing.
Emmy was playing with a little girl there and turns out she was in her dance class last year for a bit. She is also going to the same place for PreK. Hopefully she'll be in the morning class too and she'll already have a friend! It was great to see the kids and chat with the Mom's. There were four families and all are going to different schools in a few weeks! Very different from Vermont.

I think I'll clean up the kitchen and put the 13 jars of canned tomato's away in the pantry and then after a quick vacuum of the house, head back into my room and play with some fabrics. Tomorrow is Grandma day and my fist kid free day since the end of June! I can't wait. I have plans to finish up a UFO - and finally get that purple pineapple quilt quilted. To have it ready I need to make a backing, find some batting to fit and get it ready for pinning tonight. I'd love it to be all set to start quilting when I get back home after dropping them off tomorrow morning. Oh - I may need to make a trip to Joann's Fabrics and get some more Caron simply soft yarn. I checked both Walmarts near me and neither one had the color I needed. Oh well, I get to use the 20% off your total purchase.... wonder what else I need?

This one is for you Mom - the tomato's I canned on Wednesday afternoon and evening.

The rest were simmered down yesterday into a pasta sauce that I put into 3 quart jars and popped into the freezer. I think I need one more box of the 30 pounds to can a few more jars and then try making a batch of salsa. Not bad for $10!
Now lets see how quickly I can clean up the kitchen and vacuum!


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I like the one in the lower right hand corner best, too. But they're all simply adorable ... not that I would have any doubts ... Pam's design + your talent = winner!!

Enjoy your kid-free day tomorrow ... good luck getting your quilt ready this evening.

Quilter Kathy said... are fast! I haven't even found my box of HST's yet!

Kristie said...

Love your blocks! Great job!

Looks like you have been real busy with canning too. I have been putting up lots of stuff. I got 20 quart freezer bags of corn up away and 48 quarts of apple butter, 48 pints of apple jelly and 12 quarts of apple sauce. We picked another load of apples this evening.

Sheila said...

Wow. Interesting how many designs one can make with HST's. Beautiful tomatoes.

scraphappy said...

Enjoy your kids free day. Sounds like you have a lot to get done. Amazing how much easier that is when the kids are out of the house.