Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - Double T

Today I made block number 120 in the midget block series - Double T. Other than having to go look at the instructions again to see how to put the four parts together, it went together very easily.

I have been reading a bit lately. A new to me author is Cindy Blackburn who has three funny mystery books written about billiards. I finished the first one in two days (Ok - instead of doing any sewing Saturday evening I read!) and am onto the second one thanks to my Amazon Prime lending abilities. I got to meet Cindy this summer while I was up visiting my parents. It turns out she wrote the books while at her cottage at the lake in the summers! She also helps out at the Lake Association Bingo held on Wednesday evenings  - real high stakes - a dollar to get in and 3 cards for a buck. It is so much fun and the kids had a great time there this summer. In fact - coming up with words that start with B on the way home from Emmy's speech lesson I mentioned Bingo and she said 'We went to Bingo in Vermont this summer with Grammy and Grandpa!'

Time to start thinking of dinner - Taco's tonight - one of the kids favorites. I use this recipe for the seasonings. Yummy.

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Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Adorable little block! I'm particularly drawn to it since my grands' names all start with the letter T (hence the calling them my Ts ha!). Thanks for the book recommendation ... I'm looking for some good books to take with on our trip.