Friday, August 16, 2013

Nabby's Dowry.....

After a morning of cleaning the house and then heading to school orientation, I remembered it is Friday today! That means a new block over at the Nabby's Dowry sew along. I went and pulled some hst's from the basket and got them ironed and trimmed to the 2 inch blocks needed. Sewed them together and got this cute little block.

A shot of all my blocks so far. 

Now to finish cleaning the house.... the kitchen and bathroom floors are in need of a mop. Lets see if that can get done before the kids come out of their rooms from nap/quiet time.


  1. They are awesome Deb! I have lost track of the days this week and forgot it was Friday!

  2. Gorgeous blocks!

    Glad you remembered in time to finishup this week's block. Priorities! Ha!

  3. Busy you are as usual! You are amazing how much piecing you get done! ;)