Friday, August 7, 2015

Saturday in Indigo....

I was all set to type up this post with my two indigo sampler blocks and then I checked and Angela had posted a third block! Off to the sewing machine I go....

Back now - with three indigo blocks made for the RSC 2015 sampler quilt.

Mr Roosevelts Necktie 
Bulls Eye
Road to California

I am planning to do some dark blue and black/grey this month with my scraps (16 patches, twinkle stars and dresden plates) ..... guess I better go pull and sort as we are already one week in! Thank goodness I will have a little more time soon. The kids go back to school on August 17... not that I am counting down the last week before they head back to school. It has been a long summer and they will be happy to get back to a routine (and I will enjoy drinking my coffee and reading my paper in the morning with absolute peace and quiet after getting a morning walk in!). I'm starting them on the routine this Monday for getting up at 6:30 (Aidan has been up before that most of the summer!) and being dressed and had breakfast by 7:20. Wish me luck!

Linking up with the RSC Challenge on Saturday morning. Head on over and get inspired.

I also got a package in the mail from our RSC Host Angela - a row and license plate and a piece of penguin fabric.... to make the thermometer row! Thanks Angela.

Think I'll go cut some parts for the sailboat row I am working on next..... light and dark blue in that one so it counts in the RSC I think - especially since I am using my scraps for that one.


  1. Beautiful indigo blocks!
    Good luck with getting back into routine... I always found that to be a challenge!

  2. Great work on having all the sampler blocks done for the month! Getting the kids back into routine ahead of time is such a good idea. I hope my husband is thinking of that too.

  3. Great blocks! What a terrific swag of goodies and really cute penguin fabric. My son would love that.

  4. Lovely blocks you have there. And the little row of penguins is cute!

  5. Love your indigo blocks! It feels like the end of summer is coming fast. Good luck getting your younguns on a schedule. You are smart to do that a little ahead of time. ~Jeanne

  6. I just love those indigo blocks! My daughter is getting ready to start getting her kiddos onto a schedule next week in anticipation of the start of the school year. They especially need it because with summer swim over and winter swim set to start in mid-September, they have very little structure right now.

  7. Very dramatic blocks, that dark blue really looks great against the white.

  8. Nice job getting your Sampler Blocks done. Congrats! on your drawing win from Angela. How exciting!

  9. Replies
    1. Oops... That's not supposed to be a question. I love your blocks,

  10. Indigo is such a rich color. Great looking blocks!

  11. you nailed the color! Good for you... I'm having a hard time with it. LeeAnna

  12. I am beyond impressed. Your blocks are beautiful and DINE!!