Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tiny Thursday....

I finished off my 27th midget block this morning. We are in week 32 of the year... I guess I am still a wee bit behind!
This is Apple, Pear, Grapes. Now to trim it and add the yellow frame. It needs a little embroidery embellishment too, I think. 

Oh poo. I just trimmed the last three blocks and yup - I CUT on the stitching line. The blocks are 4.5 inches now... instead of 4.5 inches finished. Hmmmm Do I just make the yellow surround a little bit bigger to hide the oops? I really don't want to redo the three blocks........What would you do?

While the boy is school shopping with Grandma H and having lunch, Em and I hit Walmart to get a few things and on the list was a new bike helmet for the girl... so I can get mine back! She has been wearing mine for 6 months and it was time to get her one. She chose the frozen one - with Elsa and Anna on the sides. Just need to tighten it up a bit.


  1. I would just make the yellow sashing wider around those blocks. I had to do that on blocks and you cannot pick them out on the quilt, no one sees it. I challenge people to find the blocks with the wider sashing. No one can! Your quilt will be lovely.

  2. Oh don't you hate when that happens. I say cut the yellow sashing larger!

  3. Drats! Just make the sashing a wee bit wider. I'm all thumbs with appliqué and admire your teeny blocks so much.

  4. I was at Walmart with DD and the Ts on Monday, and T#4 spied the Frozen bike helmet and wants it in the worst way. Her birthday is coming up in 2 months, so I suspect she'll get one for her birthday. ;-)

    I too vote for making the yellow sashing a little larger. I suspect that no one will notice.