Sunday, August 30, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday...

It has been no post since Tuesday! Yikes. I rented a big tiller last Sunday and had Greg till a big garden for me. Third try hopefully will work. I have spent most mornings raking, tilling and prepping the soil of one of the  old ones for transfer to the new garden and prepping some of the new one. After a 2 mile walk.... I get an hour to 90 minutes in before it is too darn hot to work out there. I have one little corner done - and planted corn and the zucchini and cucumbers I had started a couple of weeks ago. We'll see if I can control the weeds on this one.
First till of the garden - don't mind the two overgrown ones in the shade by the trees.

three rows of corn and two big mounds - zucchini and cucumber
 I seem to do really well at growing weeds! The beans and peas (two things I know I can grow down here) have to wait until I get the fence up or the wild bunnies will eat them all on me.

Alas  - not much sewing time for me this week other than in the car line at school and at bowling. We had our first week of bowling Thursday morning and I was surprised at how many people came over to see what I was working on or asking about it after I had put it away! I guess the ladies like seeing the progress I make each week. I took my green TATW block with me this week.

Yes, those are bits of snowmen on this round - I thought it was funny since temps are in the feels like 100+ range last week. I have a couple more rows of green and then white to add before I can add back the edges to this green trip around the world block. Angela chose orange for the color of September in the RSC Challenge so I need to prep my squares for that project. I figure I'll bring that one with me to VT next weekend along with some midget appliqué blocks. Yes Mom, I'll make some towels and scrubbies while I am up there - must pack the crocket hook.

I have been too tired at night to stitch (I know - terrible right?) so I still have a little binding to finish off on the wedding quilt. After a nice and busy day at work yesterday - heavy rainfalls on the way home so Greg went to get Ms. Emily early (Aidan's sleepover at Grandma's). I had a couple of hours last night to myself so after pulling some pork  I had cooking in the crock pot, cutting up some cabbage and making a dressing for that and a quick dinner - I pulled out the quilt and got 3/4 of the binding on it. I had to stop as Max (the black and white cat in the header) decided she wanted lap time and I do believe my nephew is allergic. I shooed her off and put it away and grabbed my springtime quilt to put on my lap for her. I know, spoiled cat =). Hopefully I can finish it off tonight - a quick wash for it and then it will get wrapped up to be sent to the new owners tomorrow. Ok - the wavy walking foot stitching lines have grown on me and I do really like how they look and feel on this quilt. Just that little bit on the right hand side to stitch down. The black binding looks great on it I think.

I think I'll make a couple of fall place mats and a few coasters to tuck in with it as well. The kids wanted to try making some coasters so I'll show them how tonight on the machine. It is forecasting 3-4 inches of rain over the next few days so that will keep them busy for a little bit.

I'm linking up with Slow Stitching Sunday over at Kathy's quilts and Oh Scrap. Head on over and take a peek at the link parties going on. As for me.... I'm heading into work for a few hours. Emily really wanted chocolate donut muffins for breakfast today so Greg pushed back his requested sausage gravy with buttermilk biscuits until dinner tonight. Breakfast for dinner is always a fun night.


  1. Gardening, cooking, stitching, bowling, I'm tired already :)
    I smiled at the thought that the kittens get to decide which project you work on! LOL

  2. Wow! I am tuckered out just reading about everything you are doing! Hope you don't get too much rain from the tropical storm heading your way. I know you have already had your share of rain the last few weeks. I think black is a great choice to finishe off all those lovely rainbow colors in your quilt

  3. Well, Deb--you have surely been busy--Nice garden plot. You can plant this time of year and still get a good crop before Winter sets in there, huh? We are at the end of our growing season here and talking about FINALLY putting a small garden bed in for me to grow tomatoes , cucs, basil, and green peppers....It would have to be a raised bed as my back doesn't like bending all that much. (What an old f**t I am!!);--000
    I love your black border on that quilt--lovely finish. See you around RSC in orange this month...hugs, Julierose

  4. Busy days for you. Best of luck with the garden. I have never had much luck with any more than a few herbs down here, but I know that people do make it work. The wedding quilt is looking great. The binding is just right. Quilting always looks better in the finished quilt than we give it credit for while it is happening. Plenty of time for inside activity while we all wait for the rain to pass.

  5. I can't imagine trying to adjust from Northeast weather and gardening to Florida's :)

    I don't like heat and humidity and we have plenty of that up here so trying to deal with Florida in the summer would be hard. Good luck / you'll sort it out and enjoy stitching when you can! :) You have been one busy lady!

  6. Hope your new garden space is very productive for you! Love your quilt! Glad you were able to have some family time, too.

  7. Both of your projects are great. I hope your garden grows you tons of yummy veggies!

  8. Beautiful quilt! The black binding really does frame it nicely. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap! You really are a busy girl!

  9. Yay! A garden! My garden is starting to dwindle fall planting for me. :( Hope your garden does well.

  10. My potted gardening is done for the year now. I am amazed at how ambitious you are with gardening and crafting. Wow.

  11. I'm not a big breakfast eater - I can't eat enough to do justice for the work of fixing a "real" breakfast. So breakfast at dinner is a winner for me. Good luck with your fall garden.