Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tiny Tuesday....

I finally finished the leaves on the second midget appliqué block so I'll show that one completed today.

I also made the flower bowl last night and finished it up this morning. It needs a little embroidery on the leaves.

I am down to one of these prepped so guess what I will be doing today? Printing out a few more and prepping them for my basket next to my recliner! I hope to pin a quilt today as well, but need to cut the batting off the roll first.

I am getting anxious to start my Bittersweet Briar wall hanging by Kim Diehl but I keep telling myself that since I am going to hand appliqué that one I really need to finish this project first! That will be my January project =)


  1. Your itsy bitsies are coming so well--I love Kim Diehl's quilts (That is a lovely one you chose) --right now I find myself stalled for a bit on what to do next. Can't seem to settle--must mean I'm in a bit of a little creative dry spell. Nothing is calling my name insistently....;--000
    Loving this rainy day--we sure do need the rain...the air feels so nice...hugs, Julierose

  2. Sweet little blocks. I adore Kim's designs....it will be worth waiting for.

  3. Those tiny appliqués are so sweet. That Kim Diehl wall hanging is a cracker! Will you use similar colours or something completely different?

  4. Both projects are great projects. I can't wait to see those little midget blocks come together and get quilted! If you ask me there is nothing better than quilting around applique.

  5. That Kim Diehl project is going to be absolutely fabulous! I can't wait to see you get started on it.