Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I got a little sewing time today..... the wedding quilt is quilted. The binding is sewn together but needs to get pressed and sewn onto the quilt. Maybe that will happen after dinner..... so I can start stitching the binding this evening while it rains.....

We also had a loose tooth last night for Emily. Yup, the second tooth decided to come out today in school this morning. She got a nice tooth case for it to wear around her neck all day. This one is on the bottom right below the top one that came out last Friday. We'll see how long the other two front teeth stay in!


  1. That Tooth Fairy is one busy gal! Ha! Wow, you got right on that wedding quilt! I didn't get in a single stitch today. But we are done with dinner and the ballgame starts in 10 minutes. I'm going to baste some hexies while DH and I watch the game.

  2. Busy Tooth Fairy! Fun time though. Enjoy stitching the binding on that pretty quilt.

  3. What a great idea - a tooth case to wear around your neck! I've never heard of that but I love it. Hope you are hand sewing binding on. Maybe you are done by now! They are going to love the wedding quilt. ~Jeanne

  4. When the kidlets were *toothing* around here years sgo I used to keep mini Mars Bars in the fridge. Perfect for extracting the loose ones! Well done on getting the wedding quilt quilted - it's looking great!


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