Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little of this and that

Not as much sewing this past week as I'd prefer. As you can see on my side bar, I've decided to join in on the Jacobs Ladder block along.... The tough decision was purples or greens...... I pulled some nice purple floral print and a coordinating purple leaf 'solid' and cut some strips for the 4 patches and the HST...... that turned into this...

The colors don't show well in this photo... but they are too much the same.... tone maybe? Not enough contrast. Back to the drawing board.... I know I had a good bunch of greens that I had packed. Green and creams it is. A scrappy quilt.... needs lots of things cut before I can assemble a block. I've been cutting away but have little to show for it yet. Hopefully I'll have enough to make a couple of blocks up in the next few days.

I seem to be running out of my 1.5 inch 30's prints and can't seem to find the other 4.5 inch strips I know came down with me in the car and are somewhere in the 4th bedroom. I've gone through it twice... still can't find them. Good news though... DH picked up 3 shelf boards at Lowes today and will be putting them into one half of the closet so I can get the fabric out of the boxes and out so I can see them. Hopefully, I'll find them when I do that. Until then..... my crumblies will be on hold. I did manage to make 4 of the log cabin blocks and think I have 36 of them right now.

Wanting to work on something different - I found a little bag with 4 dark blue rectangles, 4 dark blue triangles, 4 light blue triangles and 8 white triangles. No instructions. I sewed the triangles together to get 8 HST. Looked again for instructions... nothing. I set them like this

The next day... I found this!

Figures. Oh well, I like the one I came up with and think it may turn into a scrappy blue quilt. We'll have to wait and see....And yes... that said 1997 for this block. I don't think I have any of the other ones.. don't remember seeing that when I packed things up, but you just never know!
Time for some pumpkin mouse and hope the kids stay in their rooms and go to sleep.


Ellen said...

I really love purple but I think you are right - you need some more contrast. I really like the blue block you came up with too!

Coloradolady said...

really pretty blocks. I bet it is aggravating to not be able to find what you are looking for when you want it...hopefully they turn up soon. I love your log cabins. Have a great Monday!

LuAnn said...

I just love those 30s log cabin blocks. I've been cutting some 1 1/2" strips from my 30s to do something with. What if you did the Jacob's Ladder in both purples and greens? Either way it's going to be a great quilt.