Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scrappy orange.......

This month Angela over at Scraphappy said Orange is the color. Very appropriate for fall and the Halloween season I think. I was looking around blogland and found PS I Quilt and she had this little tutorial for a quick pumpkin wall hanging. I knew I had some orange and purple and brown... so I cut it out and came up with this little wall hanging. It really needs some dimension on the pumpkin and I plan to hand quilt some curves in there this week.

I also read my comments on the last post and was thinking it is all squares - 9 patches are square.... and today I reread and figured out they meant a square quilt. Silly me. I think I am going to go with my original thought and put QST's in two colors - green and cream in between each of the 9 patches. I'll carry the 'frame' into the border I think... if I can figure it out. Not sure if I'll wait another week or two for my big cutting mat and rulers to arrive...and I have a feeling I get to fly up and drive it down.

I have done a little knitting and made this dish cloth.

It is a simple pattern that I found years ago but I don't remember where. Cast on 4, knit two, YO and knit to the end. Turn and continue knitting these rows until you get about 50 stitches on the needle. Then you decrease - knit one, K2T, YO, K2T and then knit the rest of the row. Continue decreasing one stitch per row until you get about 4 on the needle - then cast them off. Very easy pattern that requires no thinking. I need to get back to the sweater for Emily... but think that will be worked on while I am away for a month of training in a few weeks. Without kids underfoot I should be able to make some progress in the evenings.

Other news.... I twisted wrong yesterday and pulled something in my back. It was ok until I got up this morning and could feel it. Then, I made the mistake of attempting to pick up Em...... Ouch! Between - Aleve, Tylenol the heating pad this morning and now the icy hot I am starting to feel better if I don't overdo. That will be the hard part... with 2 kids and all the bending and tending it is going to be difficult to not overdo. DH did this a few months ago and it took a week to get better..... Lets hope mine is quicker healing.


Ellen said...

I'll have to try the dishcloth pattern. I usually make some for my sisters for Christmas. Hope your back heals quickly!

Quilter Kathy said...

I have had the same kind of back issues when my children were young...very painful. Take good care of yourself.

scraphappy said...

Love the pumpkin, it is perfect for fall. Hope you are feeling better soon, back problems are tricky.