Monday, October 31, 2011

November... how the time just fly's

Yikes, so long since the last post. Life just gets in the way sometimes. I had a quick trip up to Vermont to visit and then drive the second car down weekend before last.... good thing I didn't wait as they got a bit of snow up that way this weekend. I had a good visit with my siblings and families while there and brought Mom back with me! She was a trooper and we got down here in 2 days of driving time... 22 hours driving and probably around 28 hours in the car those two days. What a way to spend a weekend! She was able to come down and see the house and kids and headed back last Thursday to the snow covered ground in Vermont.

While there, I visited a cute quilt shop in Barre/Montpelier called A Quilters Garden and picked up a few FQ's of 30's prints.

Still have not found the ones I know I have somewhere in this house.... I'm sure I'll find them once I finish putting my sewing room in order. While gone, I had emptied out my closet of boxes and hubby installed a few shelves for me. Of course... that is the spare room so once Mom decided to come down with me... he got to throw all the boxes back into the closet and see about getting something for her to sleep on while down here. I was able to finally get in there last Friday and empty some boxes of fabrics and put them on their new shelves. Sill lots to do in there.... but lots of other things have to get done this week before my training starts next week.

On thing I decided to join is the Jacobs Ladder quilt along. I decided to do scrappy in green and creams. Since it is scrappy.... I need to have lots of patches and HST's sewn together before I can assemble a block. Having the greens out and on a shelf is much easier than pawing through a box of fabric. This is the stack I have so far.

I did try the 3.5 inch strips and the specialty ruler to cut them.. but it seems my seam allowance is off and they are too small. I need to pick those seams out and try again to get the correct size units.

I also had some quick sewing to do for Halloween. I got a bit of brown leather looking fabric to make a vest for AT's costume. I have never sewn anything but straight line for this was an experience. I just took some packing paper and his shirt and came up with a back and two sides. Since it is just for play... I didn't do a liner. I think it came out pretty good for my first attempt. He made a cute pirate and will get more use out of it as a cow boy and sheriff in the future. That is one versatile garment! The good part, I have enough fabric to make another one for Em.
Here they are in costume last night.

Off to finish dinner... and see if I can get a few things finished this week. My list:
Do the rest of the 5+ hours of on-line training and the test before class next Monday. (Grandma is kid sitting tomorrow so I can get this done!)
Quilt the Star Struck quilt for C and get the binding put on so I can finish it next week while away. (need to unpin, re-iron everything, repin and quilt. Binding is made already)
Cut the creams for Emily's quilt so that log cabin can start construction.
Make more 2 patches, 4 patches and HST's for the JLQA.
Make a midget block (maybe tonight since it is Tuesday?) to keep that project going.
Clean and organize the 4th bedroom/sewing room for MIL (who is a neat freak... yikes!)
Wish me luck.. I'm going to need it!

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Ellen said...

Busy, busy, busy! The kids look adorable. I can't wait to see the Jacob's Ladder blocks in scrappy greens...I think they will be gorgeous.