Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jacobs Ladder..... some blocks!

Well, I've been busy working on my to do list from my last post. The 5 hours of training is done and all tests taken (big thanks to MIL for taking the kids yesterday so I could get that done). Since they had timers on the page...and sometimes only one little paragraph on the page.... I sewed some 2 patches and 4 patches and trimmed down those HST's... (I did the 4 inch squares and made 2 matching HST's). Today I put these two blocks together.

I am enjoying this process and think this will be donated to my friend Kelly for next June's 'Lacing up for Cancer' quilt for her to raffle off.

During the last 'class' I opened my midget box of civil war fabrics and pulled some fabrics for blocks 9, 10 and 12 while waiting for the timer to go off so I could turn the page. If I ever get a 30-60 minute block of time I think I'll put one of them together for next Tuesday's 'Tiny Tuesday'.

Oh no... I really need to do some more of the crumb blocks too.... but for now the kids finally settled down (1 hour after put down for naps and one huge booboo on a finger that I need to check once AT wakes up (he was under his bed and pushing the slats up with his feet and a finger that is a little swollen when it got smushed....but I think he was able to move it.) The joys of parent hood.

The next post.... I'll let you know what the kids did with Grandma and Papa yesterday in preparation for tomorrow!

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Ellen said...

Your blocks look great! I think I recognize some fabrics that I have in my stash too!!