Saturday, November 5, 2011


Wednesday, Grandma and Papa took the kids so I could complete some on-line training before I headed to 'pool school' this week. Grandma (MIL) decided to take the kids shopping and let them each pick out something for me for my birthday yesterday. They also ordered a triple chocolate cake.... which was Awesome!

They had the kids in the cart and pushed them through the whole store... lots of comments and quite the conversation as my 3 year old son is quite the talker (I really wish he came with an off switch sometimes!). It sounds like everyone in the store was getting a kick out of watching this process. AT had picked up a brown bracelet and held onto it all the way around the store..... until he got to the checkout. On it, was a clear jar with big colorful watches. He immediately said.....' I want that'. Had both in his hand and Grandma said, you can only choose one. What a dilemma! He decided I needed the watch so I can have 3... 'One, Two, Three! Just like Me!' I guess the check out person was laughing pretty good by this point! This is what my wonderful 3 year old picked out for my birthday.... all by himself.

Now, little Emily - age 2, was walking with Papa (who is 79) and found some long, sparkly, dangling earrings and was holding them all through the store (that explains the questions from AT about ear rings and pierced ears on Thursday!).... until she saw this on the shelf

She handed the ear rings to Papa and grabbed this little jewelry holder. Don't my kids coordinate well?

All in all, it was a great birthday. I was able to spend the afternoon in the sewing room and finished a Midget Block for Tiny Tuesday and got my Star Struck quilt quilted and the binding sewn on. All set to bring with me to training to finish up in the hotel room without any cats 'helping' me! I'll post that picture when it is completed.
Hope you all had as good a Friday as I did. Now... onto cleaning that 4th bedroom of moving boxes and craft things so it will be all set for MIL to sleep in while we are gone next week. I think I've done everything on my list so far.... except cut out the creams for Emily's quilt. I may bring with me to do some evening in the hotel.... unless I have some time tomorrow after the room is all set for company.


scraphappy said...

What perfect gifts. Looks like quite a nice celebration. Glad you were able to find some time to get some sewing done. Hotel rooms can be great for quiet and calm, enjoy it while it lasts.

Ellen said...

The kids chose wonderful gifts! It is so nice to get some sewing time in.