Sunday, November 27, 2011

A week off and no progress in the sewing room!

Yikes.... where did the week go? Another Sunday morning and packing up the suitcase for the week away again. Last week just flew by and not much sewing went on. Bummer.

I did do a few crumbs in the last post. Decided to go with a scrappy solid sashing and cornerstones for the crumb quilt... but have not done the cutting out yet.

I made a label for the star struck quilt and attached that and popped it into the mail yesterday. That should arrive to it's new home Monday or Tuesday.

I hope to do a little sewing this afternoon (fingers crossed) but it depends on the kids and how quickly I can mop all the floors and vacuum the sewing room and get it back ready for company.

Things I did accomplish...... Cleaned the house before company for Thanksgiving. Put on a Turkey meal with all the fixings including home made pumpkin pudding and apple pie. Went walking on a near by nature trail with the kids... and did lots of playing, reading books, crafts, pretend play and laundry and all the fun things you get to do with kids. I did brave the stores on Saturday for a bit and got the oil changed in the car and a start of my xmas shopping done. Oh... I also put the fall holiday things away and got the house decorated for Christmas. Hmmmmm I think that is what took up most of the last couple of days. Lets hope Grandma doesn't have to put it all away from too many little hands touching things they should not.
This year... it is 'my' tree with all my ornaments. The last few years we have been doing 'G''s tree with all his ornaments from the time he was born. More of a kids type of tree. Mine is a more victorian flare with the maroon/white and dainty things that can break. This is the tree as of this morning..... keep in mind the kids helped decorate so some of the ornaments are all grouped together at their height. They did a pretty good job I think.

The Christmas tree skirt is something I made many years ago with my friend Joanna. I also have a kiddie one with all kids Christmas prints that I use other years... or if we ever decide to have 2 Christmas trees.... probably next year as the kids room should have the last of the moving boxes out of there at that point.

Next weekend.... I need to make my countdown Christmas snakes for the kids. I made these all for my neices and nephews years ago and now it is their parents job to fill them. I'm just doing 10 days for mine this year... a little something to unwrap as a count down to Christmas. I've got enough things for 8 days (yesterday's shopping trip) and just need a couple more to fill the last 2. Now... lets see if I can find some Christmas fabrics so I am all set to make them next weekend.
Have a great week everyone.

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Ellen said... have been very busy! I hope that you were able to find time to sew.