Saturday, November 19, 2011

A weekend off....

Kind of. Back from another week away for training. Two weeks down and two to go. We do get this coming week off, so I hope to get a few things done or started on in the sewing room while I am home. I also have to work 2 days in a store as part of the training so that takes away 2 days there and there is Thanksgiving this week too. I'm hosting so a bit of time will go into cooking and cleaning as well. All in all.... a busy week at home for me.

I did manage to finish the binding for the Star Struck quilt. I just need to make the label, attach it and print out some pics of the kids and send this up to Vermont to it's new owner. I hope she likes it and thinks of the kids when she sees it.

I also did 2 more of the JL blocks last week and 2 today but didn't get a chance to write it up. I now have 8 of these blocks done and hope to make two more later this week. I have the 4 patches and HST's all set so this is easy sewing right now for the next 4 or 5 blocks I think.
These are the 2 from last week,
the two today

and all 8 of my blocks so far.

My goals this week are to get two quilts quilted and the bindings on so I can finish them while I am away at training again. I found the box of warm and natural batting and have the backings made already. Just need to pin and quilt... and maybe make one of the bindings.
I'd also like to get some of the creams cut for Em's quilt and get started on that. At least one Midget block done.... hope for two though. Of course... put out a few more of the JL blocks as well... all the parts are done so that one should be easy. I also need 4 more crumb blocks to be up to my 42 for the inside.... I think I can do that today as well. Of course... Bonnie Hunter has a mystery that started yesterday over at I really want to do that too, but think I'll just have to print out those directions for the next couple of weeks. Maybe it will be a Christmas week mystery for me?
There. That's my goals for the week...... lets see how I do!


scraphappy said...

Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy without starting on the new mystery --- yet. Great looking Jacob's ladder blocks and the quilting on Starstruck is awesome.

Ellen said...

You have a ton on your plate! Your Star Struck quilt looks wonderful and I love your JL blocks!

Moneik said...

Great job on your Jacob's ladder. I love that block!