Sunday, November 20, 2011


I was able to do my final 4 crumb blocks to have 42 for my main part of the quilt.

Yes, I found those 30's prints that went missing a couple of weeks ago.... after I had purchased a few more FQ's while up in Vermont last month. Oh well.... gives me some extra's for the borders.
I am currently debating with myself on setting it like this or using the blue or some other solid or a mix of solids for a sashing to make this a little bit bigger. I seem to have cut them down to 5.5 inches for the unfinished..... now that is a tiny block! I want this to be a usable size.... so it does need to be bigger. I think the sashing might help there... but I'll have to play with it and see.
For the outer border......I think I will do the alphabet and little Miss Em can have this one for the end of her bed and cuddling on the couch. It will coordinate well with the log cabin one I am making her...if I ever get those creams cut for her quilt!
So, thoughts on sashings? I need all the help I can get on this one.

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Ellen said...

I really love the look of a solid colour sashing between such busy blocks. Your blocks look gorgeous by the way!