Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A finish... and some finds.

I was able to get the pink scrappy quilt all quilted on Sunday. I had planned to do feathers in the pink scrappy parts but it was just not working. Instead, I just did straight line quilting around all the sashing and then attached the binding. I finished hand stitching the binding down on Tuesday night.

Since I got two quilts quilted so far this year, I decided it was time to really clean and organize my sewing room. Right now it looks like a tornado went through the room but I am starting with refolding my fabrics by color in the closet. I have found a few things I completely forgot about and have a kids shoe rack hanging to hold FQ bundles. I also added a sweater holder and have tucked some projects I completely forgot about in there. If they are in sight I might work on them... right? The top one is a double irish chain in green and cream - 90x70 and I think it needs to be wider. I believe there is enough to add a solid border but not sure I'll have enough for binding. There is oodles of a green check for the backing - this was started sometime in the early 2001 range and was meant to be a duvet cover for my bed. DH is allergic (darn it - I love the down feather bed and duvet) so it has moved onto a new home. This will just have to become a quilt instead. The 4th row down has a Joann's BOM from 2000! I have 4 blocks done but got stuck on the applique. Since I have done a little applique in the last year, this one might get worked on some this year as well. I seem to have purchased 3 extra blocks from this set - just so happens Mom wants 3 pillow covers for camp. I think the blue and yellow will work perfectly out there.

I still have a couple of big bins full of scraps that need taming of some sort. I also have a 3-4 containers of other things that I need to figure out what to do with. Here is a picture of my status so far in the closet - some progress. Ignore the top shelf of yarn, I haven't taken that out to sort yet.

Notice there is not a picture of the sewing room - that is still not under control!


Scrapatches said...

Pink quilt turned out lovely! The closet reorganization is looking good. I am quilting a quilt. I am keeping the door closed on my closet ... :) Pat

Ellen said...

I agree, your pink quilt did turn out very sweet. I am keeping my closet door closed as well. I have enough in my scrap towers to keep me busy with organizing for a long time!

Ray and Jeanne said...

The pink quilt is cute! Congrats on two finishes this year! I too am trying to tame my sewing rooms - oh what a mess! Can't wait for this to be over so I can enjoy my area again! So glad you are making progress - I don't think I'm that far yet! ~Jeanne

Quilter Kathy said...

Congrats on the finish!
I need someone (not me!) to organize my sewing room too!