Friday, January 18, 2013

Easy street - step 7 - triangles!

I got to start piecing triangles yesterday for the Easy Street mystery. I love how this is turning out so far. I put the triangles together and it does make a really neat star in the middle. So far I have the 4 corners done and 6 of the setting triangles. Six to go before I can start step 8!

The kids have been out playing with the bubble wands this morning and then got so excited because the tree's started moving. They wanted to fly their kites! They got them for Christmas and this was a shot of them flying Emily's with Daddy last week in the back yard. Now we are out front in the driveway and they are riding their bikes. I make them go in and rest after a bit of playing.... they both did have fevers yesterday and I don't want a recurrence. I have to say - I am enjoying the cooler weather we have after the front went through. 60's is much nicer weather for January than the 80's we've had the last week. Makes me want to prep another quilt for quilting so I can snuggle under it while attaching the binding! I do see sewing time for me during naps today =). I do love nap time.


Sheila said...

Easy Street coming along nicely :D
I finished sewing my blocks together yesterday. Sewed on the inner border last night.

Jeanne said...

I love the look of your Easy Street blocks! It will be a great quilt.