Sunday, November 16, 2014

Slow stitching Sunday.....

I have been enjoying a little slow stitching this week and picked up the Little T quilt!
Little T 
I am working on the borders today and hope to get this baby finished off this week so I can start hand quilting my Hugs and Kisses quilt! I took a hand quilting class ages ago (late 90's? I remember it was when I had the townhouse in Hinesburg and before I purchased my house in Colchester) and remember the teacher had brought in a quilt she was working on. She used a hoop and took it with her so had rolled the excess backing and batting and basted it to the edge of the quilt to protect it. I remembered that and figured I'd give it a try as this will be a very long term project and between kids and cats it will get tugged and pulled a lot in the process of getting this quilted. Does anyone else do this who uses a hoop? Ok, one more question.... I need ideas on quilting the square surrounding the X and O's. Straight line in the middle? Squiggly line or two going around it? A small version of the peel - maybe two on each side leaving the edge square empty? I plan to echo the peels for each block and I'm thinking a cable of some kind for that tan border. Any ideas are appreciated.

I don't know about you, but I find after pulling a few strands of thread through some layers I feel a lot more relaxed after a busy day or busy morning. That little T was being worked on in the car line this week - no radio, car off and the windows down to let the nice breeze in. High 60's and mid 70's are so pleasant this time of year. It ALMOST makes up for the 5-6 months of stifling humidity and mid 90 degree temps (not including that humidity in!). Almost.....

Head on over to Kathy's Quilts and see what others are working on today. I'm popping into work to do the books and pay a few bills and then plan to do a little more outside work - weeding and pressure washing - before settling in for some nice relaxing stitching.


  1. I don't roll up the excess backing and batting on any of my quilts, but I don't have to worry about kiddos or pets.

    You knew, I'm sure, that I'd have to agree about the benefits of hand stitching ... and that's my cue to go stitch up some more hexies. ;-)

  2. I always use a hoop or the quilting frame. I find my stitches are more even that way. When in the hoop, after it is well basted, I drag the quilt everywhere I go, sewing room to living room to outside on the deck or even in the car and I never worry. I fold it up to carry it and then spread it around me as I stitch. If it is well basted and you are careful when you move the hoop from spot to spot, I wouldn't worry about kids or pets. But I always worry about having spills on it, lol. Enjoy the stitching.

  3. Hand stitching is definitely relaxing! The repetitive motion and focusing on soothing relaxes me immediately. I am visiting from Slow Sunday Stitching.

  4. I really like the idea of quilting a small version of the peels in the squares around the X's and O's. I think it will showcase the peel theme beautifully. This is such a beautiful colorful quilt. I love the T quilt also. At first I thought it was a Card Trick, but I like this pattern also.

  5. I use a hoop and then some sort of metal clips for the excess but they don't stay in very long; I have to keep rearranging them.

    I have got to make one of those T blocks down the line...DIL's name is Tallica / wouldn't she love that ! :)

    I like your peel idea !

  6. I haven't pinned over the edges on my current project, but if I know it's going to be a long term hand quilted project I would.
    I think I would just quilt a straight line down the middle of the strips on the block framing squares.
    And definitely a cable on the tan border... it will look like peels/seeds placed end to end.
    Looks terrific... enjoy!

  7. I have folded/rolled the edges of a quilt in the past when fabric just seemed to want to ravel, and it worked well. I think any of your quilting ideas would look good. Hand quilting will look gorgeous on this quilt.

  8. No, I haven't basted excess to the back of the quilt and I'm not sure I would actually want to since I've never had any problems.

    You've got a couple of gorgeous projects going. I agree with it being so relaxing. I need to get another quilt finished and ready for hand quilting now that the weather is getting coooooold.

  9. I roll up the edges of a large quilt in my hoop stand as it makes it easier to turn when I do my feathers. It also allows me to quilt when the weather is warmer. Love your T block and I think maybe a double line in sashing would work.

  10. Love your little hand quilting project! Gonna be a beauty!