Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I started picking up a little in the sewing room yesterday and found two separate piles of orange peel blocks! So....... I decided to sew them together to make a little quilt. It is 20x16 right now and I think it will just get a border added. I wonder what color it will be? Looks like a new car project for the pick up line at school since the Little T is nearly done. Two more sides of the last border and then the binding and that one will be all done.

I also made the missing blue and purple 16 patches for the RSC Challenge and decided to start making them into stars. Last year I had a colored square in the upper corner of each block. I decided to leave it plain this year. I might alternate the background color with a lighter cream in some of them to add movement.

I should be pinning Celtic Solstice.... but I'm just not in the mood so I'll continue making stars out of my 16 patches this morning. I am doing lunch with Aidan today at school since I did lunch with Emily yesterday. Hopefully it will not be a rainy pick up at school today - I got there at 1:30 and they are released at 2:05. My car did not move until 2:20 and I was only about 35 cars or so in the line. They were lined up down the road both sides waiting when we got through.  I am guessing it took well over an hour to get the kids released yesterday. It did give me a lot of time to stitch on the little T!

Mom - I'm on Chapter 32 - 55% done the Cindy Blackburn book. I am reading her new book Unbelievable which is a 'fictional' place that is a lot like the little town my parents summer camp is in =). There is even an Arlene in the book - which is my Mom's name! Pretty neat to read about a place I know so well. If you like easy read mysteries, go check it out.

I also got my fitbit zip device in the mail this weekend and set it up Sunday. Yesterday was my first full day wearing it and I got 10,000 steps in! I guess I walk around the house more than I thought I do!

Off to sew......


  1. Love your blocks! Both look really nice! I have the Fitbit Flex and I like it really well...someday I get my 10K steps and some days...I don't but it does make you feel a little more accountable.

  2. Using your 16 patch blocks for the center of your stars is a great idea. They look wonderful!

  3. Putting extra blocks to good use in a mini quilt is a great idea. I really like the stars with the 16 patch centers.

  4. So funny to hear that you got s new Fitbit in the mail. I just got a new vivofit which does most of the same stuff but also has a watch. I'm friends with Andee on myfitnesspal - have you tried it yet? They work together I think.
    The orange peels look great- looks like a perfect carry along through the busy holiday season

  5. I love my fitbit! Really helps get me moving! I think I am going to get one for my daughter for Christmas too!

  6. I love your 16 patch stars! I am making two patches as my leaders and enders project. My plan was to make them into 25 patches and set them with some strips to make another Primitive Picnic quilt. But I'm beginning to rethink that ... maybe I should go with a 16 patch star! ;-) I guess I'd need to determine if I have enough fabric to make those large triangles (the star triangles and the background triangles).

    I wonder ... is that Cindy Blackburn author the same gal who sells quilting stamps? I do love mysteries, so I'll have to look into her books.

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