Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday morning....

No school today for the kids. Teacher work day. They have been busy playing with their connects building things this morning for well over an hour.

I whipped up some pumpkin apple streusel muffins which are baking in the oven now. We will also do some sugar cookies today as well.... so the kids can decorate them. That should keep them busy for a little bit this afternoon. The sugar cookie recipe is from a former guild member up in Vermont and can be found on my recipe page. They hold their shape so well - the only recipe I use now for these. Think I can try almond or will I have to do vanilla flavoring again? Vanilla again. All made and in the fridge for a chill for a couple of hours.

As for me.... I still need to till that last quarter of the garden and plant some peas. The rest of the garden is weeded. Things are popping up and growing! Just need to put the fence posts up and run the wire on as well. Greg is home today... so I'll enlist his help with the fence. It should be wonderful weather in the 70's with a nice breeze. Perfect working outside weather, finally.

I also need to whip stitch some batting so I can finish pinning a quilt. Then read the directions for Emily's new knitting loom so we can play with that. Aidan learned how to put a button on yesterday! He pulled two buttons off his pants within an hour.... so it was time for him to learn how to put them on. He got to join the club..... needle poked his finger pretty good...... but he went back and added the second button to the other pair of pants anyway!

Oh - the green trip around the world block got completed yesterday! One to go!

Here are a few pictures of the kids at the pumpkin patch in Dunnellon on Friday.
Pumpkin patch 2015. Ages 7 and 6

Hay bale slide!

King of the pumpkin patch!

Kids with their selected pumpkins.

Archway with gourds growing all over them. Really neat!

Ok - time to get dressed and start the tiller!


Quilter Kathy said...

What great photos of the kids... those were the days!

Julierose said...

Super photos--Good for you Aiden!! TAW in green so pretty--will be watching to see how this one comes together....hugs, Julierose

Ray and Jeanne said...

So glad Aiden is learning to sew on buttons. I was amazed, when I was in college, at how many kids could not sew on a button or hem. I made lots of money doing it for them! Looks like a fun time at the pumpkin patch. ~Jeanne

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Look at the size of Emily's pumpkin! Looks like you all had fun.