Sunday, February 14, 2016

Slow stitching Sunday...

Slow stitching Sunday with a lot of kleenex... I seem to have picked up the head cold going around. Lots of sleep last night (in bed at 8:30 until 7:15 this morning) has helped greatly so hopefully it will be a quick head cold. I'm off to work today for a short day and then home to enjoy some board games with the kids (backgammon will be taught today!) and then some slow stitching time.
I still have binding on the hugs and kisses quilt to finish off and the first block for the 1857 album quilt to continue with. Sadly, same pictures as last week as there was no progress on the appliqué and only one side of the quilt got bound.

Head on over to Kathy's Quilts and see other slow stitching on this Valentines day.

Right now I am girl scout cookie house with half of my girls pre sale cookies in my front room. Tomorrow I get to go get tons more cookies from the warehouse for cookie booths, additional sales and the girls mobile booths. I picked up 59 cases Friday... and will be getting the same or more tomorrow.  These girls are selling!


  1. Hope you have a relaxing day of stitching so you can recover from the cold... stay warm under your quilt :)

  2. Feel better, don't work too hard and have fun with the kids first and stitching second! Sounds like a great V-Day!!

  3. I've had the need-a-Kleenex-every-minute thing for a few days now as well...I think I lost weight, ha ha ha!

  4. I have the same cold.... Must be catching amongst the slow stitches!!! Hope you managed to finish your binding

  5. Wow that's a lot of cookies! Hope you feel better soon.