Sunday, February 21, 2016

Slow Stitching Sunday...

I hope to get a little slow stitching in today around doing lots of things around the house. Breaks are a good thing, right?

I hope to complete this block for the 1857 album quilt - my first block and 7 have been released so far. Oh well, it is not a race! This will be the evening stitch work.

I hope to have breaks today out on the porch and stitch a few of the seams for the Quilt as you go quilt. Maybe one seam a break will get some progress on this one?

It has been a very busy week and I was exhausted yesterday afternoon when I got home - a girl scout cookie booth first thing in the morning (my first ever in charge!) and then after a stop at home to eat and see the boys we headed to our store for Emily to do a mobile cookie booth. She did good... and then got to see the doggie adoption pets and pet a few of them. A few stops on the way home and I was tuckered out! It was a margarita, bonfire, bubble bath type of night! I had a mixer and was too lazy to get it out of the shaker =).

Hopefully after a visit with Grandpa this morning and while the loads of laundry are spinning I can do a little playing in the garden to prep for planting, some sewing - paper piecing to test a quilting pattern, and I suppose the vacuum should be exercised as we have had a dog in the house for a few days (the cats have yet to come out of the bedroom!) This is our houseguest for a little while. Buddy the boxer. He is making himself right at home.

Grandma's brother passed suddenly on Thursday morning and she is up in Ohio for a bit for the funeral and to help out. We have Buddy the dog for her while Papa Andy is home dog sitting another little one - Buttons for another of Grandma's friends who went to the doctor on Thursday and was sent right to the hospital for heart issues. Two dogs would have been too much for Papa Andy - who just had heart issues and a defibrillator added in surgery 3 weeks ago. We are just happy we can help out a bit and so far the kids have been good at helping with Buddy.  Maybe I'll get myself out for some walks as Buddy will need walking =)

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I must say - I am looking forward to this week. The only thing on my schedule right now is a dental appt on Monday for me and working at the store for a little bit on Tuesday morning while Greg delivers a few things. That's it! After so many go,go,go weeks I think I should actually get some quality time with my sewing machine... finally! Only 2 weeks before I start my part time job programming while the kiddo's are at school.


Quilter Kathy said...

Oh I am happy to see your quilt as you go moving right along!
It will be so gorgeous! And it inspires me to get going on mine!
Buddy looks like a wonderful companion!

LA Paylor said...

buddy will have to become quilting-buddy

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

It does sound like an exhausting week / I had to laugh at the mixer! :)

Karen said...

I am working on the last of the four blocks of the 1857 album today. I see you are making progress on yours. You are right that it is not a rat race. Stitching should be relaxing and fun.

The Cozy Quilter said...

Buddy is a big dog! Looks like he has settled right in! Have fun with your stitching today! Sounds like you need a break!

Sarah said...

Gosh you have had an exhausting week. Buddy looks nice and comfy though. We used to have a boxer dog, they are great fun and really loyal dogs. Hope you get some relaxing ME time.

Paula Louceiro said...

I hope you have a great week with time to relax and go to your sewing room.
Buddy is so handsome. I love big dogs.
Oh, and The Splendid Sampler is a nice project. Join us.