Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Testing a pattern....

I am testing a quilt pattern for a friend. It is tentatively titled Hoarfrost.
Hoarfrost by Joanne at Canuckquilter.com

It is a pretty little quilt with snowflakes. I've got the pattern printed off and all my paper piecing patterns printed off. These are the fabrics I have pulled for it.

 I had hoped to start paper piecing this today.... but Emily is home from school today so maybe I'll work on the piecing parts after we pick up her brother from school. She seems fine now except for the barking cough and very stuffy nose which leads to some interesting sneezes... which really need 5 kleenexes in hand when that happens.
We did pop to the library briefly yesterday to see a presentation to learn about bats. Yes, that is a nighttime bat in the picture. We got to see two different ones and learned about bats and how beneficial they are to our environment. They help to pollinate and spread seeds to grow new things, and they also eat their weight in bugs each night. Imagine no bats - we would be overrun with bugs - big and small. I have a feeling the kids and Daddy might have a project sometime to make a bat house to put up in the back yard. I would be very happy with less bugs!


Joanne said...

Sorry to hear you have a sick one at home. Lovely pattern you are testing. Not certain I would want to be so close up and personal with a bat. we had one decide it liked our rolled up patio umbrella once. Note I said once. Lovely title Happy to be scrappy. Have not visited for a while. Sorry.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your test quilt turned out beautifully!! The bat? I could do without seeing the bat. :P

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Well bats and snowflakes make quite the variety! That pattern is beautiful and looks HARD to me ! :)
Hope she's feeling better asap.

a good yarn said...

Our bats aren't actually bats. Called fruit bats, they are actually a marsupial. Unfortunately, they carry a terrible disease called Lyssa virus which kills horses and humans. They are also a protected species which has resulted in plague proportions which the environment is struggling to maintain. Joanne's designs are terrific and I'm looking forward to watching this quilt come together.