Friday, October 20, 2017


Whew... what a long week!

Monday... I took the kids to Crayola in Orlando for their day off and met up with some friends. Got him home in time for soccer practice and Emily stayed home with Dad... and started watching Hocus Pocus with him.... my favorite movie this time of year.

Tuesday... was errands and lots of running around after school. Maxie needed wet cat food (spoiled girl) and Aidan needed apples to rerun his science experiment.  I did get into the sewing room... but Aidan was the one sewing... after he practiced his guitar.

Aidan started sewing his quilt on Tuesday evening. He was getting frustrated but I talked him through it and once it was pressed and laid out.... I told him he could do all my triangles! They turned out very good. He wanted to make one block so he could see progress. We will do the four patches in orange for the four corners of this one sometime tomorrow and see if we can get his first quilt block completed this weekend. The background is grey and the stars are teal.

Wednesday... somehow more errands (no lettuce or veggies for the guinea pigs!) and then gymnastics with Em while Greg and Aidan went to his guitar lesson. Em got dropped to them then I went to a rescheduled cooking club. A much needed time out with friends... and a late night home at 9:30! 

Thursday... I mailed off some boxes finally (ok, been sitting waiting for months on one of them!) on the way to bowling. I also got a ping in my windshield on the way there.... darn rocks. At least it is small and not in my line of sight. We got done by 12:15 so I popped into Joanns and got 50% off a white dot fabric needed to finish off the spring hexies and 60% off some solid light blue for the spring blooms. Then home - make a salad and back in the car line for kid pick up. It was actually not too hot out so I decided to turn off the car and eat my salad for lunch and play some games on my kindle. When the line started moving... I tried to start the car. Nothing. Dead battery.... a  friend grabbed my car sign and picked up the kids and returned them to me. Another Mom I did not know offered to come back and jump the car with jumper cables (I asked the kids for a set for the car for my birthday in a few weeks!). I now know how to jump a car - hey you need to find the positive, right! It worked..and we headed to Sam's to get a new battery. They estimated an hour...... The kids had a snack and then grazed through the store trying all the samples. We got home with 20 minutes on the clock before we needed to leave for a soccer game. Well, we left 15 minutes after we needed to..... I miss getting places on time. We got there just in time for the game .... and Aidan scored his second goal last night. He scored his first ever goal last Thursday. He said he is going to try and get 2 goals next week! It was a great game and the teams are very evenly matched this year. A lot of fun to watch as the teams are starting to work together now.

Friday.... The car really needed an oil change so that got scheduled and done this morning. I really need new tires and an alignment.... something to look at for next week I think.

Me... I pulled out a small take with me project this week and got these 3 lemoyne stars pieced (car line, gymnastics)  and another nearly done this morning while waiting on an oil change for the car.  I hope to get the white finished in the car line today. Fingers crossed the car starts... or maybe I should leave it running? I got a full tank of gas in there after Sam's yesterday.

Next week will be a whirl wind as well... but hopefully no car issues! Hubby is on call at work so... I need to prep and hand off scouts on Monday so I can do soccer practice with the boy... in case someone doesn't get out of work on time or gets a call. Wednesday should be fun too..... bad planning on my part to double up the kids in different directions on those days. I'll make it work.


Chris said...

" grazed through the store trying all the samples."
Love it! I get my oil changed every 5000 km. That's about every 3000 miles. It is due now so I will get the winter tires on soon and a possible alignment since I drove through a curb today.


Oh Deb--you make me so dizzy!!! but you have a wonderful attitude and I love you for that--
enjoy the moments, di

Ellen said...

Holy moly Deb!

SusanfromKentucky said...

You make my head spin. What a crazy, wild life you live! Can't wait to see all the quilts!!

a good yarn said...

That's quite a whirlwind you're living in there. I don't do half as much as you and sew a darn sight lot less! I trust Aidan will persevere with his quilt. He'll be well chuffed with his efforts if he does.