Wednesday, October 11, 2017


It started. The boy started bugging me about making his quilt yesterday. Emily was home sick yesterday (she got sick after scouts on Monday night - right after we got home. At least I didn't have to clean the car as she made it to the bathroom!).... and was feeling better around noon. That lead me to pulling out the triangles for her to play with on the floor for her quilt. I'm not sure I am liking the green triangles... these is that color in the owl fabric but..... I'll let it simmer for a bit. It might get changed out.

She learned the hard way that the cats like to help out if you leave the room..... as fabric was scattered and a cat toy bear was resting on the overturned fabrics! 4 rows up from the bottom right is the white cat toy bear Maxie must have been playing with. Doesn't she look innocent up there on her perch? What Mom? I didn't play down there with the fabrics! I'm not sure how that got there or what happened!

I told Aidan after dinner if he practises his guitar.( which he helped make - beef stroganoff over egg noodles after Emily and I made individual apple crisps after Aidan's science experiment with apples - turns out the tart ones turned brown first!). He went and practiced so..... we had to start his quilt. We washed his fabrics already and he pressed them. We started with the stars.... I cut out the 128 - 2.5 inch squares and had him start drawing the lines on them. Yes, he learned there are steps and lots of prep work. He had a little help on about half of them.... someone was getting frustrated with the fabric moving and his lines not being where they should when the fabric shifted.

That led me to start thinking about my next hand piecing project (I know, I still have to add my triangles to the trip quilt to square it up). I saw the hexagon flowers in the drawer from the RSC Challenge a few years ago... sitting and waiting.
I also did one in spring colors for a small one to see how to hand stitch them together.

I had one last row that was not working correctly so it got put aside. Well, it came out last night and got fixed. The last row is now attached. Now I need to figure out how to finish it off to make it square - add white hexies all around and then cut to make it square? Turn under the 1/4 inch seam and appliqué to a border all around? I'll think on that one for a bit. It reminded me how to put these together so I also need to decide if I will add the black surround like I was thinking to the RSC flowers, make a bunch of black hexies to put in between the 'rows' of flowers like this one with white, nix the black and just sew the colorful flowers together as is..... so many decisions.

Time for a quick shower and then working today. I'll let these thoughts swirl in the back of the mind and see what happens with them.


  1. the quilts look great - apple crisp sounds pretty darn good - maybe apple pie, hadn't made one in ages!

  2. You certainly are a whirlwind of activity. Nice that the kids help by making supper. Do they do the cleanup too?

  3. Emily's quilt is looking good, I would leave the green in .....Have you tried a sandpaper board to help Aidan when marking his squares??? Just a thought.....

    1. Thanks. I'll have to try the sandpaper on the next one. I think all his marking is done for this one - looks like squares or rectangles for the rest of his quilt.

  4. Emily's quilt is going to be so cute and your hexies look so pretty.

    Glad that Aiden got through it all okay! :)

  5. The green looks great in Emily's quilt! You sure are busy!!

  6. Sorry to hear that Em got sick. Sure hope she's feeling better now! About that green...
    How does EMILY like it? That's the important question, isn't it. :P

  7. How great that you are teaching your kids about the steps it takes to make a quilt. I could use a couple of helpers seems like I don't get much done lately. Wish my grands lived closer.

  8. I love all the colours in the triangle quilt and had to laugh a little at the pussycats helping out with the arrangement. Nice to see Aidan making a start on his quilt. I'm off to look for an apple crisp recipe.