Sunday, August 12, 2018

Slow Sunday

I would have made a little more progress on hand quilting this baby quilt last night..... but someone was pretty comfy. I leave it on my quilt stand and someone has decide that is a wonderful napping spot. Silly Peanut. A couple of nights ago he knocked off 2 of them to get on the one quilt he thought was the most comfy.

I am hand stitching an X through the nine patch and outline stitching 2 times around the heart and once inside. 8 of 63 blocks are quilted.

I plan to get a few more blocks quilted on this later this afternoon. First up is cleaning the house... which really needs a good vacuum, mop and cleaning up before the kids head to school tomorrow. They are off to grandma's for the day but will get returned early since they need to get up early for the first day of  school tomorrow! They met their teachers on Friday - both have new to the school teachers this year. Each have a good friend in their class - which makes things easier. Aidan knows quite a few kids in his class and his good friend Jackari is in there. Emily has a few girls that were in her class in kindergarten but her good friend Serianna is in her class this year. She is very excited.

I'll be prepping some applique on my save the bees block today for some hand work in the car line tomorrow. I also have the next 2 rows of the tumbler hand piecing picked out, they need to get their stitching line drawn on them today as well. So nice to have a quiet Sunday to putter around the house and prep things. A big thank you to my MIL for taking the kids for a few hours every Sunday to give us a break and make some great memories with the kids.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

back to school time - kind of nice knowing when your quite time is isn't it. I think the kids here go back tomorrow too, I guess I will find out if I hear the school buses go past

Deb A said...

Unfortunately, I work from home during their school time. It will be nice to have quiet to work in though.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I got lucky and Tom vacuumed for me! Maybe I should hide out in the sewing room more often. Stitch by stitch and you will get it completed!

Julierose said...

Gosh that time again? My grands begin August 27th ..used to be AFTER Labor Day--but no more. My eldest grandson, Steven, will be returning to UCONN the 24th and he is anxious to go as he LOVES college--isn't that refreshing?
A great kid if I do say so myself ;))))
I am still stitching on Pomegranate here and there, watching Red Sox right now...enjoy your quiet handwork time hugs, Julierose