Monday, December 3, 2018

Cleaning up mode.....

This doesn't happen very often so I usually go with the flow when it hits.

Pulling some greens for the log cabin quilt. I didn't have enough of the cream so that part will be scrappy too. Now the decision  - go with all greens, the sage greens????? Hmmmm. Will have to play a bit and see. Making 12 inch blocks - using scrappy strips... cause I hate having to cut when using scraps!  For a 8x8 setting at 96 inches I need 68 blocks. For 7x7 with a border I need 49 blocks. We will see how many get made! It is a work in process decision kind of thing.

Now the scary part. You might need to sit down. You were warned.

This is my pantry. I know, there is a lot of stuff! It is scary in there... I can't find anything and the kids keep putting stuff in without lids on tight so they fall and get all over the floor (baking cocoa, nestle quick, cereal) and everything down there. I am thinking I might pull stuff all out this afternoon - toss the old stuff (you know there is always those expired things in the back!) and see what I have. Then the fun part (other than trying to organize as I put it back), try to make meals for a couple of weeks using just the pantry and freezer! I found some big shells so I think stuffed shells will be one of the meals later this week. Haven't had them in ages.

 I hate going to stores in December so other than the staples of fresh veggies, dairy and some fruits we will see how I do. I just hope I find the lentils.... which is what I went in there looking for this morning. I wanted lentil soup with a ham bone in the freezer. Didn't find it but found a bag of black beans and a can of 16 bean soup. I pulled the 16 beans out and will soak them for a bit in boiling water and see if maybe they might work for a soup dinner with a side of spinach and cheese quiche... for the ones who won't eat the soup (Emily and possibly Greg). Aidan will gobble it up I know. If it isn't ready tonight.... it will be for tomorrow! I have had an issue with them taking forever in the crock pot to get soft (like 18 hours!). I am down to this batch of soup and enough for one more in the can then it is gone! Don't worry, there are plenty more cans of 'storage food stuff' around the house. Maybe even a can of lentils? (I know, I have lentils on the brain today!)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I don't have as much as you in the pantry and no kids to get into it - but I have the habit of not using what I have and buying more - (are we talking food or fabric LOL) I was checking some dates on cans before Thanksgiving - I knew I had a can of can milk left over from last years pie - I never seem to use it for anything else - and I checked the date and it expired almost 8 months ago - was it still good? I don't know but I tossed it - I really need to plan some meals!

scraphappy said...

Good luck with the pantry organization. It is always fun to see what fun foods are hiding in the back. Hopefully plenty of meal starters for the rest of the year.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I'm not scared of that pantry. Mine might even resemble it! Well... NOT the floor. That's pretty scary! LOL