Saturday, December 1, 2018


Not much to show other than a new to me pattern I am working for a dish cloth. This one is easier than the trinity stitch I was playing with before. Just a single crochet and a treble crochet. Easy peasy and a cute design that appears! I have a few more rows to add onto this one before I can finish it off.
The pattern can be found here. I had it saved off in my pinterest board for knitting and crochet patterns.

We have rain in the forecast today with potential thunder storms tonight. Lets hope that both don't happen! We will be tenting out at the local drive in theater today with about 500 other girl scouts. We have 10 girls and 4 adults attending from our 2 troops. I need to clean out my car and pack the tents and gear we will need for the night. I should pick up the house a bit too..... but I think a quick pack, shower and then I'm hitting the sewing room to work on 4 patches for Aidan's Hopscotch quilt. I 'might' also pull my cream fabric (if I can find in in the sewing room mess!) and play with some cream and green for the log cabin blocks I am planning to make for The Lake Elmore Lake Association. I really want to start that one but kept telling myself I needed to finish off Aidan's quilt first. Well, that has me avoiding both! I decided I will take turns and work on both of them!

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Chris said...

Some one posted the link for 12 ufos for 2019 this morning and I have been off on a tangent for hours. It is supposed to go up to 52 F and rain tomorrow. Have a nice camp out.