Sunday, December 9, 2018


I have not been sewing... but did a little (not much) crochet this week.
Lets see what happened  and why there was no sewing this week....

Sunday (last) - recovery from campout with the girl scout troop at the drive in overnight. I slept really good on Sunday night. Ok, maybe I did hand quilt a block or two today... and sew a little on Aidan's quilt.

Monday - working (woo hoo figured out a stupid mistake and got it unit tested and up for user testing!), pick up kids, supervise homework and coordinate getting a girl scout dropped off to me to bring her caroling for our meeting. I took her home and then hit the store to get something Emily needed for school and home for bed.

Tuesday - Working (production issue detective work - extra hours from my normal 5), get kids and back to work, then horses for Emily - late night home well after 7Pm... for me to do dishes to find the sink in the kitchen and then eat my dinner. Leftover yummy 16 bean soup from Monday.

Wednesday - Working - still that production issue but it got figured out today in between - pick up kids for early release from school - oops remembered 10 minutes before release, back to work until had to capture kittens for vet booster shots and back to work to finalize plans and change a couple production things to give another 2 day wiggle room. Done at 5Pm..... then they wanted dinner... I found frozen fish (salmon and cod) and Aidan took over for me and baked them, made rice and a veggie! He and Dad were cleaning up the kitchen when I left..... - girl scout leader meeting tonight - pot luck and I did not get to make the cookies so had to stop at Publix and get some. Home 8:40 to tuck kids into bed.

Thursday - Bowling on my day off... (started crocheting the yellow dish cloth and had finished off the green in car line Wednesday) and a quick trip to Aldi on the way home as we were out of produce and the guinea pigs need their vitamin C in lettuce and carrots... directly to pick up kids. Some kids study times and then Sams to get the basics - flour, sugar, paper towels, tp... you know, the stuff you need! Also got some steaks which Aidan started the Big Green Egg for me to cook them on! He is a good helper most of the time. Study time - Emily had 3 tests Friday so review time after dinner with Dad for science and me for spelling and vocabulary. I think math review too.

Friday - Working - clean up/resolve issue at work, cross fingers and pray .... and it seemed to work! Phew. Hubby was home from work today - the cats just didn't know what to do with 2 adults in the house... most of the time they were in my office with me... like they always are. Silly boys. Pick up kids... and I have no clue what happened to Friday night! Oh, the start of the December evenings with the boy... at least it did not last long... like the 2-3 hours of he double hockey sticks it used to be!
December is lots of 'extra' stuff going on and excitement for Christmas. He was worried about a report due Monday and excited for a field trip on Monday...makes for a not fun night for me.

Saturday - cooked off sugar cookie and decorated them for a cookie exchange in the afternoon. Took Em with me to play with the other girls there. The boys were to make pita bread and grilled chicken and tazetki with a salad for dinner.... could not find the yeast (in the jar that had peaches marked yeast on  top right on the top shelf of the fridge) so they made a pastry crust, pulled out frozen ham and used up leftover potato and peas to make a really yummy pie for dinner! There was none left (after a little meltdown from the boy who didn't think the crust cooked and all was doomed before we actually ate it. Yes, it was thick and could have cooked better but.... other than 3 little parts of crust thrown away all the rest was gobbled up just fine!... Emily wants it again this week!).

The tent finally got set up to air out in the morning and Em and Dad slept out last night despite the rain predicted for this morning.
We also had a bonfire in the back yard... which lead to a nice breakdown of not listening....again, I hate the month of December!. All ended good as the 2 went out to sleep in the tent and I had promised a quick game with the boy so we did that and then I tucked him into bed nicely but late and after 9PM.

Sunday  - very lazy start to the morning and he had to try a new recipe... apple and raisin baked pancake. An oops with the heat cooking the apples so those got tossed, we did a quick version and then added the rest and popped it into the oven. 15 minutes later it was huge and yummy! We added fresh raspberries and powdered sugar on top. None left of that one either! Greg took Emily to Grandmas.... really late morning today.
The boy is not 100% (he needed to finish his book report on Theodore Roosevelt - the drawing of him on the big board. Yup - I had to attempt that and we dressed him in a rough riders outfit today.) and is tired.... late night last night and he is so excited for that field trip on Monday. We have had a Mom and Aidan day today.... which he has said is really nice. We also hit the grocery store to grab lunch things for him tomorrow and a bunch of other things. Hey Mom - I found the Cabot Everything Cheese in Publix today! There were 4.... we took 2 home with us! Aidan wanted to get all 4! It was not where I expected it to be but I am so happy they brought it in for me! Dinner is made and we are just waiting for Emily to be returned home by Grandma.

I think I'll get a few relaxing hand stitches in on the heart quilt while I can. I have this heart to do one more outline on, the above block for an X and then I am at the top row heart. This is working up the left hand side of the quilt to the top. That will leave 2 sides to go. If only I'd do at least one block a day it would get done!  


scraphappy said...

Yikes, quite a week. Sounds like you could use a nap. Glad you stitched a bit amidst all that. Hopefully January will be more conducive to sewing time.

Chris said...

I did take a nap after lunch out after church today. Slept 4 hours. I do not miss the days of parenting. But wait! I have grand kids here all the time.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what a week you had - yes you need a couple slow stitching minutes for sure - I don't remember being that busy when I had kids at home - oh wait that is because my full time job was homemaker -- that really makes a difference!!