Thursday, December 20, 2018

First day of Winter break.....

Well, the boy had his first meltdown last night. Technically he was diagnosed as high functioning Autistic a year or two ago.
Sigh..... I think he just needed a 'reset' and hopefully the next week will run smoothly. Normally we have gotten used to a terrible month of December with him. It used to be hours of fighting to get him settled down for bed starting before Thanksgiving. It is a month of changes, holiday things, anticipation and excitement and for me .... a month of hell. So far so good...... until yesterday. Yes, Mom, I even stayed calm through it. 20 minutes and done.

We were able to calmly discuss it after (he is maturing, thank goodness and we can talk it through after). A couple things happened at school which frustrated him. He got reelected for safety patrol for the next 2 semesters but the teacher in charge took his belt and didn't understand when he tried to tell him he got reelected and still needed his safety belt and that caused him to worry about not having his belt and thinking it didn't happen. I and his teacher said it would get fixed in January when they go back to school, but he is a worrier.  Way too much sugar at his holiday party and the next two weeks of no structure for his days. I'll be having him make a schedule today so he has something to go by. That tends to help him.... he needs to know what is coming up and when.... now to get him to not get so frustrated when he is working on something and it doesn't go right..... or keep the stupid slime making things away from him... and his favorite clothes! Thank goodness it came out in the double washing last night.

Today is my holiday pot luck at bowling. The kids are going (you know, cause there will be lots of FOOD!) and they might get to bowl or play games in the arcade or watch shows on their iPads while cheering on my team.

We ended yesterday with a board game of monopoly  - which Dad actually won when Aidan went bankrupt. He landed on Boardwalk... which Greg owned and kept adding rent to each time he could. I was ahead until Aidan landed on there and owed him $1600 to end the game! He took defeat well, and Greg was tickled pink to actually win the game!

For now... it is pouring rain - the radar is yellow and red all over my area of Florida with flood warning and will be through tomorrow. Just imagine if the temps were below 32.... the SNOW we would have.

Time to prep the dish cloths I made into a baggie for gifts for my teammates.. with some lottery tickets, a present for the first strike gift grab and I'm picking up little dummies from my team for our contribution to the food on the way there.
Time to get dressed.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you have a bit to go through now and then I somehow missed that your son is autistic - that must must stressful! Glad most of the time is ok.
We are to miss most of the rain this time - thank goodness as our yard is still soggy muddy mess in one area (it always settles at this one low point of the yard as it heads down hill away from us.
Good luck at bowling - we used to bowl on a mix team - I enjoyed it for awhile even though I wasn't good but then I started to have trouble with my elbow and Mike with his back and we said good bye to bowling


I just wanted to drop by and say Merry Christmas--and how much I enjoy reading your blog though I don't often comment--and though I have no grandkids--I do enjoy hearing about kids and what they are doing-so I live a bit through you and your two--
and I am praying that the weather isn't as bad as they are saying it might be there today--
enjoy & love, diane

SusanfromKentucky said...

I am the same as Diane. I know I don't comment much, but I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures of the quilts you make. I piece quilt tops and send them off to be quilted. So sorry about the "meltdown" with Aidan. I, too, didn't read about his diagnosis. You are so good with your kids, though. I don't think they could have gotten a better mother! Merry Christmas to you all!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I admire you for having a good attitude with such heavy burdens. I do hope that Aidan can get "back in the groove" and have a wonderful Christmas. You are so supportive of your children and that is wonderful!

Moneik said...

Best of luck as you maneuver through the next couple weeks. Our last day is tomorrow and luckily only 5 days of daycare in 2 weeks because of time off work.Hope it goes smoothly for you.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Too much sugar and lack of a schedule can throw ANY kid off him game! Here's hoping that Aidan will find a way to cope with the holidays. Good luck, Deb!