Friday, May 15, 2020


My goodness, what a month of May it has been! Halfway through the month and not much to show for it at all!

Of those heart a day.... Well 5 are done and the 6th just needs a few more minutes for a finish. We'll call it 6 of 15! Sigh. At least these go quickly.... I hope to catch up a bit this weekend or maybe 2 a day instead of one!

One monthly goal - absolutely no work on this at all. I'm hopeful to get it pinned this weekend (assuming no one lands in the hospital again!).

Ella Maria Deacon - no work on this in a while... in fact I finally went out last night to purchase Month 8 which was released April 15! I also snagged Month 9 that was there to be released today and got a discount on both.... $4.00 for both sets.

RSC in greens.... I hope to at least get my 16 patches made this afternoon after work so I have something to show tomorrow.

Instead of sewing or hand work... it has been doing my current job, helping hubby with the pool cleaning business (so I lost my day off), shuttling one kid to horses as that has opened, keeping people fed and clothed. Nightly hoops with the boy and time with the girl. Game nights with the kids as well. Finance report and end of year eval for girl scouts and trying to keep up with the girls while socially separate. Helping with schoolwork, 2 weeks left of school for the kids! Still don't have a confirm of Emily for the Cambridge... just a voice confirm she is in from the director. Finding out how the return/retrieval of this will happen at the 2 schools and end of year awards for my 5th grader.

Of course... lots of research on backs to see what is happing with hubby. I keep annoying him by checking on him throughout the day too! He seems better in the morning and hurts more at night starting in the afternoon. Moving around more helps and the medicines. Nothing like the pain last week thank goodness. The log roll to get in and out of bed - recommended by my niece the PT is helping. Waiting on the June 9 appt with the pain management doctor and trying to get into the doctor the hospital released him to who does surgeries.

Can we just skip ahead to June?

Hopefully there will be photo's in the next post!


Julierose said...

WOW only halfway through May and you've had so much going on.;))) I use that log roll to get out of bed and when I do my PT back exercises on the floor too...back pain is the worst...I hope he's feeling better...end of day is so tiring....

I am debating whether or not my back is ready for me to machine quilt the big SIL's Zig Zag or not...maybe another rest day is in order...
I will tell you, aging is not for sissies.!!

Hope your weekend allows for some catch up sewing '~ ~ ~ waving
in the rain again Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have been busy - hope you will start to get the info you need on hubby soon so the back can be taken care of and move on


Oh my--you do need to 'just breathe' girl--
sure hope you are taking a few minutes each day to just
sit and chill --sewing will wait--it's there for when you
can get some time to yourself --and June will be here very soon--the one thing I have realized since all this started is--time still goes by too fast!!!
take care and stay safe--luv, di

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh my I got tired just reading your post! Do take care a very careful, we don't want to be stressed out now when we need to be strong to fight off that virus. Hopefully hubby gets his back sorted out. Back pain is definitely aweful!!!!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You've had quite a week! It really sounds like a whole month crammed into two weeks. Sometimes life is just like that. Hope you get a little "me" time somewhere in there!