Thursday, May 21, 2020


It's purple heart show and tell day today! I'm a little behind on one per day... but a good amount have been made this month.

I'll make another today while in the car at the orthodontist. Emily has a check this afternoon. They really need dental appointments as well, I need to call and see how they have adjusted before I make that appointment.  I did mine the beginning of March before everything got shut down. The boys did hair cuts yesterday since Great Clips where we go opened up this week. They both look completely different with a lot less hair! I forgot how handsome they can be with a clean cut! Last night I told Emily it was a pool day... and I would go in! The pool water was around 83 degrees.... chilly to get in (air temps were much higher!) but felt good once in. The boy came out about 10 minutes after I got in..... (Em got in right off and was swimming around) I was in with them both for about 30 minutes and then they stayed in another 30 while I got dinner. I told them they need to be in the pool every day now to get some exercise and off the devices. Less than 2 weeks of school left. I just need to get (finally) some lounge chairs for the pool deck so I can relax out there.  I think that is tonight's task.



your hearts are looking classy!!!
and I love your umbrella quilt so much--
that the other day while shopping on line--
a piece of fabric jumped in my cart that has umbrella's on it!!
stay safe--luv, di

Julierose said...

Your hearts are looking so pretty..we all need some hearts right now, don't we? Nice choice of project for your bock a day work...So far
I am on tract with my snowballs (very apt as it is still COLD here!);
but with all the scrappy blocks putting them together will definitely be a challenge...some kind of sashing for sure...perhaps a stripe?
waving while finishing my afternoon tea Julierose;)))
P.S. 80 sounds heavenly ==oh and a pool too? Color me envious...;)))

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your hearts - I just had a notice from Great Clips saying they are open, I'd been using them recently to get my hair trimmed but of course hadn't been there since end of February or early March.
sounds like the kids need their pool work outs huh

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow! What a nice variety of purples you have, Deb!!

SusanfromKentucky said...

Love all the purple hearts! It will be so pretty when finished! Summer appears to FINALLY be here. Showing almost all 80's for the next week here. YAY!! Have fun in the pool!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your hearts - they are looking so fun together like that! Glad you have the pool to cool down in. I bet it feels good when the humidity is high! Are the kids ready for this crazy school year to be over? I bet they are missing the end of the year fun events. We used to do quite a few special things with the 5th graders in the last couple of weeks when I was teaching.