Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday update....

Well, Thursdays are my day off. I have yet to do what I really want to do... but will pop to the sewing room to play after I write this post.

I was good and did my walk this morning and after breakfast (homemade oat bread yummy!) I headed out and attempted to weed a bit. A little bit got done before the temps did me in. A shower and some blog hopping and then I made a Sams club list. Why in the world was EVERYONE at Sams today? About 3/4 did have masks on though. It took me an extra 20 minutes.... as I waited for the rotisserie chickens to come out of the ovens and get packaged. I was melting after I put things into the cooler bags and carry bags in the back of the car! Thank goodness when I got home I had 3 helpers unload for me!

Then Greg and Em headed to Tractor Supply to get chicken supplies. They had ordered 6 baby chicks online yesterday and they would ship out on July 6th. Lets just say I got a photo text of baby chicks with a ?.  They came home without chicks but with all the supplies needed to convert the guinea pig cage to a heated area for the chicks and feeders and food. They did the research on the 2 sets of hens there and decided on the Golden Sex Link Pullets. They are a dual purpose bird, producing large to x-large brown eggs. It is a cross between a Rhode Island White female and the Rhode Island Red male. We were able to cancel the on-line order no problem and avoided the extra $35 in shipping and got 4 instead of 6. A little more manageable to start with.

Both kids and Greg are pretty excited..... They have dismantled the play area Monday and Tuesday. Found a design for the coop and we have the spot to put it in the back yard in a mostly shady area with a big run. They will work on building that over the next month. In the mean time.... we have 4 quiet chicks sleeping
happily in the cage under the heat lamp! We each got to name one.... so far there is Emma (Emily's), Molly (me), Fred (Greg!), and little sleepy ostrich (Aidan). The names might change.... that was just the initial thoughts. That should keep them occupied for a little bit.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how neat for the kids to have the baby chicks and maybe you will all enjoy them. I'm glad Sam's had a lot of people wearing masks - I enjoy wandering that store but haven't been to it in ages of course - none here I need to drive 45 miles so don't go often but when I do I tend to overstock

Julierose said...

Super idea for the kids with those chicks--fascinating I am sure...;)))
We saw a mother and two spotted baby deer frisking about on our back lawn early this cute (when they are not eating my flowers that is!!)
I am still on my binding mission here...but first a coffee on our deck before it gets too humid...Have a great weekend...hugs from parched
SE CT Julierose

Quilter Kathy said...

How exciting! That is a super fun pandemic project for the kids to learn how to care for these babies!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Aren't they cute?! It will be interesting and entertaining to watch them grow! I wonder every time I'm out where all the people have come from... They probably wonder the same about me! 🙄