Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A day off.....

 We are off for Presidents day in the US. Well, hubby was online doing some school work but the rest of us were off for the day.

Emily made me put the fencing up around the garden. The chickens are not happy with us right now. They were enjoying eating bugs and digging holes to have dust baths in there. I did leave them a little square so they can still dig.... dust bath and she can dump their droppings there to compost. We managed to plant last night and then the torrential rain happened overnight. Some big claps of thunder and lots of rain.  Yes, unlike most of the US- we were in the 70's and in shorts yesterday. 

I took Emily to Kohls to try and get her FFA uniform needs. Black jeans and a white button up shirt. We have the coat and the neck scarf and she has black boots from riding she can wear. Now, she is transitioning out of girls into the Womens/junior section. The inability to try things on in the store is a struggle. We tried a small mens shirt - that got returned. We tried some jeggings.... that got returned. I picked up the next 2 sizes up on the return trip and one of those worked thank goodness. Just one more return on the other size. We tried a shirt from Amazon... hopefully that will fit. Not sure why you can't try on in store but can bring home then return?  

The boy has been overdue for a hair cut for quite a few weeks. That was accomplished yesterday and I got mine cut as well. Lots of hair on the floor from both of us.

I did get a little time to finish cutting the yellow butterfly wings and got them sewn together by machine. I need to hand stitch the inner circle then baste them for hand applique. Not sure it that part will be a this year or next year project? We will see how the month goes I guess. I am undecided on the background - scrappy whites, same whites? 

Just a little hand stitching last night. I believe this is block #11 of 18 being worked on. I think I might pull out the little bit of straight lines I did in the sashing and do something else. It is a small sashing but maybe something with curves? Still time to think on that one.

The girl really wanted to move her room around.... including the dresser with mirror. Dad said his back was not up to it last night. I had mentioned once I sat I was probably down for the count after planting the garden. A very sad girl..... sigh. Mom got up and managed to scoot the dresser across the room and the bed and nightstand got moved as well. Girl is happy. It was not too bad to move and my back is not yelling at me today so all is good.

I just called my local quilt shop - they have template plastic - both regular and mylar. I had to ask the difference and mylar is ok to use heat on for applique. Learned something new today! They did not have the Jenny Beyer The Perfect Piecer ruler though.... which looks like a neat little tool for hand piecing and marking lines. Does anyone else have one they use for hand piecing? Recommended? I just use my little ruler and a pencil to mark right now.

Happy Tuesday.


Moneik said...

What is hubby going to school for? We were off yesterday too, hence my quilting marathon. When I got home from 4-H Shooting Sports I was done! So glad to hear Emily is doing FFA. It's very popular here too.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

yes I think none of the stores are letting you try on clothes right now for the past year - I guess as they would need to keep spraying the changing rooms with a cleaner? I have a hard time to buy clothes without trying on. So nice to hear someone is enjoying nice weather. It is so sunny here but only 17!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Sounds like you were super busy on your day off, Deb!!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

There's always lots to pack in on a day off when you have busy kids! Your butterfly wings are so pretty - I bet a white or w-o-w background would work well for them. I just use my littlest 4.5 inch square ruler and a pencil to mark the hand-piecing lines. But that special ruler does look handy!