Monday, December 19, 2011

Jacobs Ladder blocks....

I think I forgot to do one last week.... so I made 2 so far this week. I might make a few more later this week... they are nice quick little blocks to make and I love seeing progress. I believe I have 14 blocks completed and that fifteenth one still needs some picking out and fixing. I think I can make a few more blocks before I need to cut some more green fabrics and make more HST's. I've got the 4 patches working as leaders and enders. Works great except when I am working on the midget blocks... which tend to be paper pieced.


  1. Looking great! It is going to be a terrific quilt. I need to get back to my midgets, maybe a marathon over Christmas?

  2. Your blocks look great - I hope to start working on mine again after Christmas.