Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas snakes.....

Years ago when my nieces and nephews were little, I made them xmas snakes one year with 25 little gifts in each. This was a little countdown to Christmas for them. There were 4 of them at the time. I had a great time all that year picking up little things for them everywhere I went. They are now teenagers and 2 are in college. Their parents are in charge of filling their 'snakes'... and yes they do ask for them every year still. I've since made another 3 for the other kids that came along.
This year, I decided to do a shortened version for my little ones....their first year of them! They will have a 10 day count down to Christmas that needs to start this morning! Yikes! How did Christmas get so close so fast? This past weekend Em and I went to the local quilt shop but they did not have cute kid Christmas fabric. The sales person mentioned the sale section...... As it was my second time there I didn't know of it! Well, I put Emily in there and told her to pick out some fabric for her and her brother. She initially grabbed a butterfly one..... until she saw this purple peace fabric. She did not put it down and brought it up to the cutting counter and told the nice lady this is mine and this is Aidan's.... he has a blue fabric with squirrels and ducks on it.
Yesterday during nap time, I was able to sew these two up and then got the little gifts out last night around 9PM and wrapped them up and filled up the snakes. Bright and early this morning (6:13AM to be exact) a little boy came and woke me up asking if his snake was ready and when can he open a present.
Day 1 - they soon found out was play doh! Em has a red one and Aidan a dark blue. Hmmmmm what will tomorrow's present be?


Aidan's curled up under the tree.


Ellen said...

It is lovely that you have created your own family Christmas tradition. One of our traditions was that Santa always left a Christmas pin on my sons stockings. My boys each have one pin on their stocking for each year(they are now 24 and 21) and there is still room for many, many more!

Cathy said...

What an absolutely fabulous idea!!!

scraphappy said...

What a fun tradition. Counting down is so exciting!