Friday, December 23, 2011

Alphabet done!

I was able to finish the alphabet letters yesterday.... but I think I'll redo the's a little small. I still have to make the Emily and the 2011.... I think I can even get this completed this year!

I also did 2 more of the Jacobs ladder blocks and did some lne's of the green and cream 4 patches. Today I was able to cut a bunch more of the 2 inch squares in lots of green shades to refill that basket and a few of the creams to top off that basket. I should be set making four patches for the JL blocks for a bit now.

I also made #19 Crows nest for the midget blocks. This was an easy block to do and another block checked off my list.

Tomorrow will be a wrap up of the year of quilts. I just need to add all the pictures to the post... maybe tonight after everyone goes to bed.

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