Monday, December 26, 2011

Tiny Tuesday....

Another midget block crossed off! I did #18 - New Album on Monday afternoon during nap time.

I have #5, #9, #16 and #20 still to do this week. I think if I do one per day, I can be up to #20 with 20 midget blocks completed for the year. Next year I hope to get back to doing one per week with a goal of 52 for the year.

Edit: I got another one done today - #16 Christmas Tree. I know... there is a boo boo in the block. I fixed the one I saw before I put it together but didn't feel like ripping out another bunch of seams to correct the other mistake. My block will just be unique!

I also finally figured out wax paper and freezer paper are two different animals! I'll be bringing my 40% off coupon and my Joann's Fabric gift certificate with me tomorrow to pick up some freezer paper and applique needles. Then I can do block 9 and 20!

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scraphappy said...

Love your tree, it was NOT an easy block to do. Good luck with your goal. I got my freezer paper at the grocery store next to the aluminum foil. It is my favorite for appliqué. Too many long car trips though, i'm out of blocks!