Friday, December 30, 2011

Tiny Friday....

Grandma came this morning and took the kids to the park and then to McD's...... so while they were away..... I put a few pictures up on the walls of the house with G and then played in my sewing room!

I was able to get all the paper pieced parts done for block # 20 but need to go get some pink thread so I can finish the applique parts.

I am working on block #9 as well... but need some pink and green thread to work on that one tonight.

I was able to do # 5 - The Pineapple block. I think there were 49 pieces in this block and after doing the arcs for #20... this midget block was a piece of cake!

But... the big news at our house today..... is that my big boy finally went #2 on the potty! It has been a long wait for us and we are SO happy he finally went. We had him going pee on the potty earlier this summer and he stays dry through the night.... but with all the changes in the last 5 months and us being away for training we put this part off until the last couple of weeks. To celebrate (one of his 'perks') we are going out to Wendy's for dinner tonight. His choice. He also got his present from Grandma (which has been sitting out for 2.5 months now waiting for him) which was a little Bob the Builder and 4 of his vehicles and he is out in the back yard sitting on Daddy's lap riding the mower around the yard.

Now... to get his sister to consistently go pee on the potty and then get her to go #2. She wants to go to the Rib place near Grandpa A's house where we took him for his birthday dinner. One down... one to go!

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