Friday, February 8, 2013

Easy Street blocks are all pieced.

This is the stack of blocks that will make up my Easy Street Mystery.

I just had to lay them out and am very grateful that I have a huge living room area. This is just a quick layout of the blocks. Please let me know if I have anything turned wrong.... I plan to start putting this together next week sometime. Oh my goodness... this quilt is HUGE!


  1. Deb - there is a 4patch misplaced on bottom row - 2nd from right on picture. Shouldn't take a minute to correct - looking fab xx

  2. Looks fantastic to me, but I'm terrible at spotting renegade blocks. It sure is a huge quilt!

  3. There are two in that one block - bottom point and the point on the left. Looks gorgeous!!

  4. Your quilt top is gorgeous! Some of the non-Bonnie colors didn't turn out as pretty as others ... yours turned out simply gorgeous! How are you going to quilt yours?


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