Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finishing off Purple in the RSC challenge.

Since it is the last day of February I decided to do a little purple sewing. I had enough of these purple 4 patches to make a 64 square block.... and there was enough yellow to make one of those too. I went back and cut out a few more of my other colors so I will be able to make some more of these little guys next week.

Then I got down to some scraps and made a few crumb blocks. I need to go back and make another pink one from last month. I am thinking I might use a bright white 1.5 inch strip and hook these together.... but I'll wait a few months and see if something else pops into my head for setting these guys together.

After this..... I am hoping Angela's 'clue' about orange means that is the color for March.... cause I started some prep work and sewing with Orange today too! That bunch will wait for Saturday's post.


scraphappy said...

Orange it is. Can't wait to see them come out to play.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I love those 64 patches! Are the black squares the same in both blocks?

Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve with orange.