Friday, February 22, 2013

Butterfly top = finished! (Oops - Big boo boo!)

I finally got the purple batik borders onto this quilt today. I was down to just the last two and after tons of cleaning and attempting to organize the house a bit and pick up, I decided to take a break and put those last two borders on.  I really like how it turned out. The size is 70x70... a bit larger than I was thinking but it will be a good snuggle size.
A picture inside....
and outside...

Edit: I just looked at the picture on the blog and I can not believe I put that inner border on WRONG! Bummer..... I guess I will be ripping some seams out later tonight and fixing this now unfinished top.

I think this will just stay a top for a bit. I am working again all three days this weekend so that I can have next weekend off when my brother and his family come down to visit. They day they head home to VT - my parents should arrive on Mom's birthday! They will stay for a week (so I really must clean up the sewing room soon) and then travel around a bit and come back for the last week before Easter. Aidan is off school that week so we will try and hit some fun things with the kids. Guess that means I need to prep a bunch of hand work.........


  1. Don't you just hate when that happens?!? Good thing you noticed before it was quilted!

  2. it's going to be beautiful -- you could always go with that the butterflies are migrating that's why the row is going the other way. and kathy is right at least it was prequilting

  3. Grrr...isn't that frustrating! It will be gorgeous when it is finished.

  4. You need to prep fun handwork NOT the tearing out you already prepped! I hate finding mistakes that have to be corrected. Good Luck!

  5. What a bummer about the inner boarder. It took me a minute to spot it, but once you see it there is no ignoring it. What a pretty quilt it is going to be though when you get that last seam sewn. All worth the effort.

  6. Oh no! Better to have noticed it now than later after it was quilted and bound. ;-)

    Sounds like you've got some busy days ahead of you ... enjoy!