Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tiny Tuesday # 136

Letha's Electric Fan is block number 136. I loved the look of it so pulled this as a l&e for the paper pieced block last week. A little applique while the kiddo's were napping or quiet in their rooms and I have my tiny tuesday block completed. The non napper (who was brave and got 3 shots at his 5 year check up this morning) was willing to hold it up for me today.

With company coming I really need to go do one or two ahead... or prep some of the applique ones. I printed out the next 9 so I should have some I can do if I just prepare a bit.


scraphappy said...

Sweet little bock. it has such nice curves. Nice block holder too -- always so sad when they stop napping.

Kristie said...

wow! That looks like a hard block. You did a great job

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Ray and Jeanne said...

What a neat block! The brave non-napper is growing up! ~Jeanne

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I've never seen nor head of that block. I love it.

Nice block holder you have there, too.