Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tiny Tuesday - Four Hearts

Well one week in and I have decided to go out of order. Something about those tiny 12 leaves on the second one has me intimidated but.... I will do it! I needed something easy last Thursday and had about 10 minutes prep time so I prepped the four purple hearts with freezer paper on top. I used needle turn appliqué to attach them during the car line Thursday and waiting on the oil change on Friday morning.
Easy Peasy. This one is called Four Hearts. I need to tuck that little bit of purple under with a stitch.


  1. Sometimes we just need to go with something simple, don't we? ;-) Your 4 hearts sure are cute!

  2. Cute hearts! I really like your fabric choices.

  3. Love your little hearts!

  4. They are sweet! It's good to have some simple sewing to hand for when you have a few otherwise idle moments.


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